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KAOHS Swim was born in 2013 when two girls, Tess Hamilton and Ali Hoffmann came together to curate a line of swimwear inspired by skate, boho and surf. Although, they had only met twice before starting KAOHS, they both had similar dreams and aspirations. They were zealous to launch a label that offered edge and functionality, all while showing a free spirited aesthetic. The high quality fabrics and seamless cuts were designed to compliment every shape of every woman. They really wanted KAOHS Swim to be the most perfect confidence boost when hitting the beach- or anywhere that calls for a good tan line! 

All bikinis are made with true passion and care in Los Angeles, California.


Tess Hamilton

CO founder • DESIGNER •Creative Director

Located in the heart of Southern California, At the young age of 19 Tess was eager to put a swimwear line on the market that offered style and comfort for all the girls that lived on the beach- much like her. She always loved the feeling of freedom when wearing a bikini, so in the summer of 2013 she decided to use to her gift of design to do just that.  Her motive was to bring happiness, creativity and love to others through her bikinis.  


Ali Hoffmann

Co FOUNDER • production manager • collection rep

Having been immersed in the fast-paced lifestyle of Los Angeles, Ali adopted the entrepreneurial spirit at a young age. It gave her the drive to create a brand surrounding two of her passions; fashion and business. When Ali was only 22, she met Tess in the fall of 2012 at FIDM, the two immediately clicked. It didn’t take long before they realized their personal dreams needed to become a mutual vision.